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Pharmacy 2

IMG_0234.JPGWhat’s your prescription? Damien Hirst’s newest restaurant is designed to resemble a whimsical pharmacy. A Damien Hirst medicine cabinet covers the back wall. Wall paper listing countless pills, chairs decorated to resemble pills and pharmacy crosses created out of Hirst’s butterfly pieces fill the room. Pills cover every service in this restaurant. But have no fear, the menu serves a lovely Sunday roast.




Girl with Dolphin & Monkey

FullSizeRender-4Girl with Dolphin and Monkey // Jeff Koons // 2009 // Oil on canvas

Lingerie – check. High heels – check. Inflatable dolphin – check. Inflatable monkey – check. Wait, that doesn’t seem right. How do objects such as lingerie and high heels fit in with inflatable animals? Well Jeff Koons makes them fit together. Girl with Dolphin and Monkey is part of Koon’s erotic series Made in Heaven. Here a girl straddles an inflatable dolphin while leaning in to kiss a monkey. Sexy?

Jeff Koons Now

IMG_0262Play-Doh // Jeff Koons // 1994-2014 // Polychromed aluminum

What’s on now at Newport Street Gallery? Why it’s JEFF KOONS NOW. In this exhibition Damien Hirst displays his private collection of Jeff Koons works which range from his inflatable series, to his equilibrium series to his banality series. See Jeff Koons through Damien Hirst’s eyes as this exhibition provides a unique glimpse of this famed contemporary artist.

FullSizeRender-1 Balloon Monkey (Blue) // Jeff Koons // 2006-2013 // Mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating


Seal Walrus (Chairs) // Jeff Koons // 2003-2009 // Polychromed aluminum, resin


Italian Woman // Jeff Koons // 1986 // Stainless steel

Newport Street Gallery

FullSizeRender-23What will Damien Hirst do next? This is always a good question. I don’t have a clue but if it is as exciting as his current project I can’t wait to see it. His most recent project is the Newport Street Gallery, which opened just last month. Hirst converted Victorian buildings in Vauxhall, London into a white cube shaped art gallery. He will use the space to exhibit his own 3,000 piece art collection. The current show, John Hoyland Paintings 1964-1982, consists of highly saturated brightly colored canvases devoid of any figures. It is worth a visit.

IMG_260729.12.66 // John Hoyland // Acrylic on canvas