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Out There

FullSizeRender-16If you like outdoor art then be sure to visit Somerset House’s exhibition Out There: Our Post-War Public Art exhibition. Yes, it is an indoor show. But, it showcases public art. This exhibition draws attention to the positive effects that public art has had in England post WWII. Through public art projects, sculptures and installations can be available to anyone who passes by. This show begins with works right after the war and continues to pieces created last year. Additionally, in the final room there is a wall that showcases all of the lost, damaged and destroyed works of public art, drawing attention to the need to save and preserve our local art.

Curious as to what public art works are near you? Visit HistoricEngland.org.uk/List

FullSizeRender-14 Fiberglass architectural relief from Leo Supermarket // Paul Mount // 1984 // Ponsharden, Falmouth // Saved by Nick Dobson