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Serial Flirtations

IMG_0549.JPG18th century painter Pietro Rotari is best known for his character studies, which are paintings that illustrate personal characteristics of specific individuals. Rotari’ works were often displayed in a tight hang, with multiple rows. This can best be illustrated in the image below, “The Great Peterhof Palace Museum Painting Hall.” The Norton Simon created an intimate exhibition showcasing a series of his character studies.

FullSizeRender 2The Great Peterhof Palace Museum Painting Hall // Wall Mural

FullSizeRender 8Portrait of a Woman with Black Lace Scarf, Green Coat with White Fur // Pietro Antonio Rotari // oil on canvas // presumably painted after 1750

FullSizeRender 6Pietro Antonio Rotari

FullSizeRender 4Studio Of Pietro Antonio Rotari // Portrait of Ekaterina Petrovna Holstein-Beck, Later Princess Bariatinsky // c. 1762 // oil on canvas

Alliance Française

IMG_1599Valérie Daval

Recently on view at the Alliance Française Pasadena studio was a series of of paintings by Valérie Daval. Circular and square canvases were home to swirls of color. Daval’s abstract style blends colors in such a way that the paintings appear as a beautiful sunset.

IMG_1600Valérie Daval

Van Gogh’s Bedroom

FullSizeRender 3.jpgThe Bedroom // Vincent Van Gogh // oil on canvas // September 1998

Van Gogh, known to be inspired by his surroundings, featured a bedroom in Arles, France. In fact, Van Gogh depicted this bedroom three times. Now the paintings are dispersed around the world, one on view at the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, another on at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris and the final work  at the Art Institute of Chicago. “The Bedroom,” from the Art Institute of Chicago, is the second version Van Gogh painted and was recently loaned to the Norton Simon. In “The Bedroom,” Van Gogh turned the floor green, the walls purple and created a perspective that plays with the viewer’s perception.

FullSizeRender 7



IMG_6786Located in in heart of Old Town Pasadena is the The Pasadena Museum of California Art [PMCA]. As the title of the museum indicates, the PMCA focuses on exhibitions that highlight the works of California artists. Recently on view was “In the Land of Sunshine: Imagining the California Coast Culture.” This show brought together artists that portrayed the history of the famed California coast from Balboa Island, to the Santa Monica Pier to the sandy beaches of San Diego.


Dark Visions

xxMr. Huff’s Teeth in the Articulator // Clayton Pond // 1970 // lithograph

Recently on view at the Norton Simon was the exhibition “Dark Visions: Mid-Century Macabre.” Intriguing. What sort of visions? Looking into the future? Into your soul? Why is it so horrifying? Well the one room exhibition explored the innermost darkest feelings and anxieties of 20th-century artists such as Leon Golub and Clayton Pond. Certainly makes you think about your own apprehensions and just may fill you with unease.

qqqCombat // Leon Golub // 1965 // lithograph

A Sky in the Palm of a Hand

img_6799Overflow // Lloyd Hamrol // 2016 // industrial felt

Joan Perlman’s two-dimensional works juxtaposed with Lloyd Harmon’s sculptural felt pieces comprise the exhibition “A Sky in the Palm of a Hand” at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. The title of the show is derived from a line in a poem by W.S. Merwin titled “No Shadow”which explores man’s role in nature. Hence the focus of the exhibition relates to earth’s natural elements seen through large felt installations, video works and acrylic, silkscreen on canvas pieces. To read W.S. Merwin’s poem click here:  http://www.merwinconservancy.org/2011/03/poem-of-the-week-3/

img_6802Kreppa (diptych) // Joan Perlman // 2016 // acrylic, silkscreen on canvas


Cascade // Lloyd Hamrol // 2016 // industrial felt


Skeiõarársandur // Joan Perlman // 2016 // acrylic, silkscreen on canvas


Kosmic Krylon Garage

img_6782Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004

When trying to find parking at a museum, normally you don’t look for art in its parking garage. But at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, Kenny Scharf has created whimsical spray painted murals in its parking structure. Bright green, purple and blue futuristic looking characters sprawl across the walls encouraging you to park next to something that catches your eye.

img_6779Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004


Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004


Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004


Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004

Duchamp to Pop

IMG_9821Photographs by Emily Hansen

Currently on view at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena is Duchamp to Pop. The exhibition explores the era of the 1960s from “readymade artist,” Marcel Duchamp to the pop artist Andy Warhol. In the exhibition works from Duchamp such as his famed Mona Lisa, L.H.O.O.Q. are juxtaposed with Andy Warhol’s Tomato Soup Cans. This is a show you will definitely want to pop by a see.




Solar Luna Reflections

FullSizeRender 22Solar Luna Reflections // Paul Tzanetopoulos // 2013

Walking down Green Street in Old Town Pasadena it is easy to miss this work of art nestled between two large apartment buildings. Titled Solar Luna Reflections by Paul Tzanetopoulos, the three paneled sculpture reflects three artistic mediums in Pasadena’s history: video, film and contemporary art. The multi-colored glass plays with the sunlight, creating a sparkling lens to view the city of Pasadena.