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LACMA Outside

fullsizerender-36Primal Palm Garden // Robert Irwin // Photograpbys by Philipp Scholz Rittermann

When thinking of outdoor art at LACMA “Urban Lights” and “Levitation” comes to mind. But lets make sure we don’t forget the other wonders you can find outside the museum walls such as the large Alexander Calder fountain “Three Quintains (Hello Girls) and Robert Irwin’s “Primal Palm Garden,” (which you can also see in photographs by Philipp Scholz Rittermann inside LACMA’s Ahmanson Building). But perhaps the most intriguing, the white and black square that reads “Like, Man, I’m Tired (of Waiting). Maybe it relates to the long wait to see “Rain Room”? You tell me.

fullsizerender-55Sam Durant


Three Quintains (Hello Girls) // Alexander Calder // 1964 // sculpture // sheet metal, paint, motor // Overall: 275 x 288 in