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Second Avenue Subway

IMG_6265.JPG.jpegPerfect Strangers // 72nd Street // Vik Muniz // Photographs by Erin Fong

The MTA Arts & Design Department for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority commissioned four artists this year to create works of art for four metro stops in NYC. The four stations are 96th Street, 86th Street, 72nd Street and 63rd Street. Each artist used the white walls of the metro stop as a blank canvas for their art. 96 Street is designed by Sarah Sze, 86th Street by Chuck Close, 72nd Street Vik Muniz and 63rd Street by Jean Shin. These photographs are from Vik Muniz’s 72nd Street creation. Titled “Perfect Strangers,” Muniz produced 36 life size portraits of “strangers.” They resemble everyday people waiting to take the metro. The portraits include police officers, construction workers, parents and children and people dressed for work. Muniz even included himself, tripping, papers flying up in the air. So if you ever find yourself taking the metro in NYC be sure to look for these “Perfect Strangers.”


IMG_6263.JPG 2


Davis Bros Tires

yy.jpgWhen taking your car to get serviced you don’t expect to find a work of street art. However, if you go to Davis Bros Tires you will be surprised to find a mural by Kenny Scharf. Sprawling across this auto shop are cartoon-like aliens, LA city streets, fluffy clouds and even a solar system pointing out  the location of Grandpa, Bobby and Aunt Kate. This is just one of Scharf’s murals. Others can be found in NYC, Sao Paulo, Philadelphia, East Hampton and West Hollywood.





Technicolor Drip

FullSizeRender 8.jpgTechnicolor Drip // Jen Stark // 2015

The side of a parking garage in Culver City drips with paint. Well, that is not entirely true. The paint is now dry, but the lasting effect makes the paint appear wet. The piece created by Jen Stark for the Culver City Art in Public Places Program shows white and black chevron stripes alternating with neon yellow, green, blue and pink. The bold colors  add a welcome pop of color to an ordinary parking structure.

Big Bling

FullSizeRender 2Big Bling // Martin Puryear // pressure-treated laminated timbers, plywood, fiberglass, gold leaf // 40 x 10 x 38 ft  // Photograph by Erin Fong

Standing 40 feet tall in Madison Square Park is the abstract elephant sculpture Big Bling by Martin Puryear. Constructed out of pressure-treated laminated timbers, plywood and fiberglass this colossal piece was designed to look like a chain-link grid pattern. The tusks and harness of the elephant are embellished with gold leaf, which seems a sharp contrast with to the primary building materials used for the body of the elephant. The juxtaposition provides social commentary on the rich diversity of New York City and its inhabitants who visit Madison Square Park.

FullSizeRender 3Big Bling // Martin Puryear // pressure-treated laminated timbers, plywood, fiberglass, gold leaf // 40 x 10 x 38 ft  // Photograph by Erin Fong