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Happy Halloween!

ef.jpgI don’t know about you but when I try carving pumpkins mine never turn out. I always end up with one giant hole in the middle. So this year instead of carving my own pumpkin, I went to see professionally carved pumpkins at the Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns at the LA Convention Center. With over 5,000 pumpkins on view, these are no ordinary jack o’ lanterns. Intricately carved, many are stacked together to create one giant work of art such as Spiderman or Darth Vader. These are my favorite from the festival.








Yayoi Kusama @ Victoria Miro

FullSizeRender-93Chandelier of Grief // Yayoi Kusama // 2016 // steel, aluminum, one-way mirror, acrylic, chandelier motor, plastic, LED

Mirrors, polka dots and glowing pumpkins. Sounds like a Yayoi Kusama exhibition. Well it is. At multiple locations. Currently on view in the three Victoria Miro Galleries in London are works by Kusama. In the Wharf Road galleries you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in three of her infinity rooms as well as see a display of her infinity net paintings. So go and Insta Kusama!

FullSizeRender-92All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins // Yayoi Kusama // 2016 // Wood, mirror, plastic, acrylic, LED

FullSizeRender-99Narcissus Garden // Yayoi Kusama // 1966- // 873 stainless steel spheres each 30 cm


Infinity-Nets [KUPP] // Yayoi Kusama // 2016 // acrylic on canvas


PUMPKIN [XAQ] // Yayoi Kusama // 2016 // acrylic on canvas