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FullSizeRender-130.jpgSpyre // Ron Arad RA

Resembling a tall brown tree trunk in the middle of the Royal Academy courtyard is Ron Arad’s kinetic sculpture Spyre. Standing 16 meters high this moving work of art has a camera on the external limb. As it moves it captures a video recording of the people below and projects this footage on the huge screen hanging above the entrance to the gallery. So come, walk around  and become part of the digital archive of this work!

RA Summer Exhibition

IMG_2521It is summer time in the city! In London do you know what that means? It is time for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. This special exhibition is open to anyone who submits a work and is curated by a range of individuals. So come escape the unpredictable London weather, grab a G&T by Sipsmith and enjoy perusing the exhibition. Like a work? Guess what, they are also for sale. These are some of my personal favorites. Thoughts?









82 Portraits & 1 Still Life

FullSizeRender-132Currently on view at the Royal Academy in London is an exhibition of 82 portraits and 1 still life by David Hockney. He only paints portraits of his friends set against a blue or green background. Each sitter can choose what they wear and how to sit. His only rule, they sit in the same chair. Hockney expertly portrays each individual’s personality, allowing you to feel as though you know the person even if only for a moment. Walking through the exhibition I kept thinking I wish I could be the subject one of his portraits!