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IMG_4456This past weekend London was illuminated by neon lights. Various contemporary artists created works of art in brightly colored lights from a flower garden, to a stomping elephant to colossal fish swimming in the sky. The light installations were set up in in London’s most iconic locations such as Piccadilly Circus, Kings Cross and of course Westminster Abbey. Streets were closed to allow people to walk and experience the art together. Lumiere London certainly brightened my weekend.

IMG_4469The Light of the Spirit // Patrice Warrener // Westminster Abbey


Les Luminéoles // Porté par le vent // Piccadilly Circus


Les Luminéoles // Porté par le vent // Piccadilly Circus


Garden of Light // TILT // Leicester Square


Elephantastic // Top’là Design // Catherine Garret // Regent Street


Neon Dogs // Deepa Mann-Kler // The Strand


195 Piccadilly // NOVAK // Piccadilly


195 Piccadilly // NOVAK // Piccadilly

The Queen, Corgi & Crown Jewels

IMG_5928I love legos. When I was younger I had a lego table and would spend hours building with legos. My crowning glory was constructing the Harry Potter Castle. However, my lego skills can’t compare with this artist’s talent.  Located in Hamley’s Toy Store on Regent Street in London sits the Queen, her corgi and of course the crown jewels, all composed of legos. I wish I had the ability to make something like this! What masterpieces have you created out of legos?


One Hanover Street


Walking down Regent Street in London admiring the Christmas decorations, I was struck by  something bright red in the corner of my eye. Intrigued, I turned to see what it was. Turning left onto Hanover Street, I saw a large sculpture of two faces attached to the wall. I don’t know who the artist is or why it is there.  I think stylistically it resembles a Picasso. What do you think?