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Becoming America

IMG_5895What do you think of when you hear “American art?”  Portraits of our founding fathers? American flags? The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens has an exhibition dedicated to showing art from the early United States titled “Becoming America.” Located in the Scott Galleries the works include paintings, furniture, spinning wheels and quilts and are all from the private collection of Jonathan and Karin Fielding. 




Old Meets New

FullSizeRender.jpgUntitled (Flat) // Alex Israel // acrylic and stuck // 2012-2013 Diane Chasseresse (Diana the Huntress) // Jean-Antoine Houdon // bronze // 1782

The old meets the new in a display at The Huntington Art Gallery. 16 of Los Angeles artist Alex Israel’s pieces from 2012-2015 have been juxtaposed with pieces from the Huntington’s collection. In one historic room Israel has created a mural of native California vegetation such as cacti and palm trees with an icon every Californian knows well, the palm tree decorated In n’ Out cup. On the back of the grand circular staircase, Israel has painted cotton-candy colored pink and blue resembling a sunset or sunrise.

FullSizeRender 55

Sky Backdrop Mural // Alex Israel // acrylic on muslin // 2015

FullSizeRender 65

Sky Backdrop Mural // Alex Israel // acrylic on muslin // 2015

FullSizeRender 56

In-N-Out // Alex Israel // site-specific mural // 2015

FullSizeRender 61

In-N-Out // Alex Israel // site-specific mural // 2015

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In-N-Out // Alex Israel // site-specific mural // 2015

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In-N-Out // Alex Israel // site-specific mural // 2015


FullSizeRender 58.jpgRecently on view in the Huntington Art Gallery was a collection of paintings by Modernist British artists. Titled “Blast! Modernist Painting in Britain 1990-1940,” this one room exhibition showcased works by Edward Wadsworth, Samuel Peploe and Duncan Grant.

fullsizerender-36Still-Life with Teapot and Fruit on a Green Tablecloth // Samuel Peploe // 1913 // oil on canvas


Tomorrow Morning/Marine Perspective // Edward Wadsworth // 1929-1944 // tempera on panel


Portrait of Vanessa Bell (The Red Hat) // Duncan Grant // ca. 1920 // oil on board

Van Gogh & Friends

FullSizeRender 62.jpgWhile part of of UCLA’s Hammer Museum is closed for renovation, some of their Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works are on view until January 2 at the Huntington Art Gallery in an exhibition titled Van Gogh and Friends. Inside the Huntington’s mansion, whimsically colored Van Gogh’s are juxtaposed with works by Paul Gauguin and Claude Monet.

fullsizerender-59Hospital of Saint-Rémy // Vincent van Gogh // 1889 // oil on canvas


View of Bordighera // Claude Monet // oil on canvas // 1884


 Bonjour Monsieur Gauguin // Paul Gauguin // oil and canvas on panel // 1889