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Reclining Figure

IMG_3525.JPGReclining Figure – 1981 // Henry Moore

Reclining outside the Segerstrom Center for the Arts is a figure of a man. With a head far too small for his body it can only be the work of the famed British sculptor Henry Moore. Donated to the Segerstrom by the Angels of the Art on June 11, 1984, this work titled “Reclining Figure – 1981,” greets visitors as they approach the entrance to the art center.

Man with a Briefcase

IMG_9810.jpgMan with a Briefcase // Jonathan Borofsky // COR-TEN steel // 1979-1988

A colossal statue of a 27 foot tall man sporting a hat and carrying a briefcase is located outside the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C. This figure resembles the classic image of a typical salesman, walking door to door. This subject is a reoccurring theme by Borofsky, seen in other large scale statues in cities such as Forth Worth, TX and Minneapolis, MN. This particular statue is a newly acquired work by SAAM.

House I

IMG_9839.jpgHouse I // Roy Lichtenstein // fabricated & painted aluminum // 1996, fabricated 1998 // 115 x 176 x 52 in

In the sculpture garden at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. is a brightly colored house, “House I.” Well, a façade of a house. Created by Roy Lichtenstein and painted in primary colors (yellow, red and blue) and white, this house resembles his famous comic book style paintings. “House I” appears to be slanted, about to be blown down in the slightest gust of wind. This illusion plays with visitor’s perspective in a playful and engaging manner.

Place Vendôme

IMG_2836.JPGEvery Time the Sun Comes Up //  Ugo Rondinone // white aluminum //Photograph by Ali Preiss

White aluminum trees provide a striking contrast against the classic French architecture at the Place Vendôme in the 1st arrondissement in Paris. Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone has designed five tree sculptures, resembling olive trees, in the square titled “Every Time the Sun Comes Up.” The work was part of the FIAC (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain).

img_2835Every Time the Sun Comes Up //  Ugo Rondinone // white aluminum //Photograph by Ali Preiss


MoMA Sculpture Garden

IMG_4442.jpgRose II // Isa Genzken // 2007 // stainless steel, aluminum & lacquer

Looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of New York but don’t want to leave the city? Look no further. The sculpture garden at MoMA is the place for you. With calming, trickling water running through the center garden and benches scattered about, the setting encourages you to sit, relax and contemplate the numerous sculptures that fill the space. You can see a towering pink rose by Isa Genzken, a sculpture of a man falling into the water by Aristide Maillol and a brightly colored minimalist work by Ellsworth Kelly to name a few.

img_4447Midday // Anthony Caro // 1960 // painted steel


 The River // Aristide Maillol // begun 1938-1939, completed 1943 // Lead


Green Blue // Ellsworth Kelly // 1968 // painted aluminum


Cubi X // David Smith // 1963 // stainless steel

Sculpture in the Close

fullsizerender-18If you ever find yourself in Cambridge, England be sure to swing by Jesus College and explore the sculpture in the close. Various statues are scattered across the luscious green lawn inviting viewers to come in for a closer look.





Lucifer // Bryan Kneale RA // 2007

fullsizerender-19E. Paolozzi 1994

Full Stop

FullSizeRender-117Full Stop Optical // Fiona Banner // 2003 [back] & Full Stop Courier // Fiona Banner // 2003 [front]

Resting on the South Bank of the Thames by Tower Bridge are three large textured black sculptures by Fiona Banner. Despite being cast in bronze, these statues are painted black. It is no ordinary black as this paint is highly reflective allowing for the surrounding tall buildings and trees to be reflected in the work itself.

FullSizeRender-115Full Stop Klang // Fiona Banner // 2003


Full Stop Optical // Fiona Banner // 2003