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Excellences & Perfections

IMG_6353Excellences & Perfections // Amalia Ulman // Photograph by Emily Riddle

Instagram as a work of art? That is precisely what artist Amalia Ulman just did. Ulman began a series of Instagram posts titled Excellences & Perfections where she posed as a stereotypical LA girl shopping, taking selfies, getting plastic surgery and being completely self-centered. The only thing, no one realized this was a work of art. Her fans had no clue. 175 photos later, Amalia explained that this was an Instagram piece. Everything she did was an act. She did not undergo plastic surgery nor was she transformed into a “bimbo.” Her instagrams have now become enlarged and are currently being shown at Tate Modern’s Performing for the Camera and Whitechapel Gallery’s Electronic Superhighway. These two are from the Whitechapel show.