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“Charm” (Sexual Self-Portrait)

sssssssss.jpg“Charm” (Sexual Self-Portrait) // Keith Lewis // 2002 // from the series Bawdy Baubles // gilded silver, enamel, horn & bone

One of the more sexual pieces of jewelry in LACMA’s recent exhibition “Beyond Bling: Jewelry From the Lois Boardman Collection” is Keith Lewis’s ‘Charm (Sexual Self-Portrait).” The bracelet consists of penis charms made of gilded silver, enamel, horn and bone. Keith Lewis is a jewelry designer and metalwork artist who has used jewelry as an activist tool, and fashion statement, for human sexuality and attitudes towards sexual identity.

Sexual Life of a Stable Relationship


Sexual Life of a Stable Relationship Jaime and Francisca // Jamie Serra // 2010 // Print

Ever thought about documenting your sex life? Well artist Jamie Serra and his wife Francisca did just that. Displayed in the Big Bang Data exhibition at Somerset House is a large rectangular panel covered in thin stripes. Each stripe refers to a day over the course of one year. Each day the couple documented if they had sex, if they had sex with a third party and what type of sex they performed, amongst other categories. Each type of sexual encounter corresponds to a color which was then reported as a stripe on the chart. What do you think?



Jeff Koons

Violet-Ice (Kama Sutra)


Colored murano glass

33 x 69 x 42


The self portrait is not a new subject in art. Dating back to times as early as ancient Egypt, people had an interest in preserving an image of themselves. Contemporary artist Jeff Koons decided to expand on the concept of the self portrait, taking this genre to the highest level. In his series titled Made in Heaven, Koons creates self portraits in a variety of media ranging from lithographs to glass to marble. While most people stereotypically think of self portraits as a painting of a person’s face or images of someone with their favorite objects, Koons’ work is a little different. In this series Koons’ self portraits depict him and his former wife, Italian porn star Ilona, having sex. With a variety of sexual positions shown, Koons questions the status of art. Are these portraits pornographic or do they serve to challenge society’s sexual stigmas? Has Jeff Koons gone too far or not far enough? You tell me.