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Full Stop

FullSizeRender-117Full Stop Optical // Fiona Banner // 2003 [back] & Full Stop Courier // Fiona Banner // 2003 [front]

Resting on the South Bank of the Thames by Tower Bridge are three large textured black sculptures by Fiona Banner. Despite being cast in bronze, these statues are painted black. It is no ordinary black as this paint is highly reflective allowing for the surrounding tall buildings and trees to be reflected in the work itself.

FullSizeRender-115Full Stop Klang // Fiona Banner // 2003


Full Stop Optical // Fiona Banner // 2003


IMG_1154STIK // Photographs by Robyn Barrow

Characterized by tall skinny legs and a white head with a smily face, this street art is known as STIK. Created in East London in the borough of Hackney, you can see STIK all over the city of London. This is a mural of STIK figures on the South Bank in London near the London Eye. STIK often partners with local organizations such as hospitals and homeless shelters to raise awareness and money for these worthy causes. Have you seen any STIK in the city?


Beyond Beauty

FullSizeRender-42 Temple Place is one of London’s best kept secrets. Located at 2 Temple Place on the South Bank is the home of William Waldorf Astor. Every year different themed exhibitions are held in his home.  This year is Beyond Beauty Transforming the Body in Ancient Egypt. The first floor shows the world of the living: makeup, and garments while the top floor are devoted to the world of the dead, mummies. This exhibition is free to all, but it is only up for a short amount of time. Be sure to to check out this show before it closes on April 24th!

FullSizeRender-6‘Nu’ Shabits Liberation & Intervention // Zahed Taj-Eddin