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FullSizeRender-4Looking away from the tall buildings in South Kensington towards Hyde Park, these two colossal sculptures appear to be thinking. Perhaps they are thinking of the fresh air and the beautiful park that sits before them. Perhaps it encourages people to turn away from the bustling city streets and encourage a walk through the park. What do you think?


Chelsea Arts Club


Located in South Kensington, it is difficult to miss the Chelsea Arts Club. The façade of this private member’s club is currently decorated with a red dragon spanning the length of the building. However, this will most likely change at some point as the exterior has been known to be painted differently, usually in accordance with the members’ events or balls. The club is home to artists, poets, architects, writers, dancers, photographers, film makers, designers, actors and musicians who together serve to inspire not only each other but the rapidly evolving arts community.


Please Mind the Art


The Hut Project // 2008

A soothing female voice echoes throughout the London underground. “Please mind the gap between the train and the platform.” It serves as a reminder to be careful where I step.  However, there is no calming voice telling me to please mind the art that is displayed on the same tube platform. Launched in 2000, various contemporary artists are commissioned to create works for the underground. These four works I saw in the South Kensington tube station.FullSizeRender-21

Dealing La Bas // 2008


Henrik Håkansson // 2008


Charlie Tweed // 2008