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I <3 NY

img_7845Nick Walker // // 88-160 W 17th Street // Photograph by Erin Fong

British artist Nick Walker has struck again! This time on 88-160 W 17th Street in NYC. Known for his street graffiti works that combine free hand spray paint and stencils, Walker also showcases his works in galleries. Despite being based in Bristol, Walker has street art in Paris, Los Angeles, Norway and of course New York City.

Kosmic Krylon Garage

img_6782Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004

When trying to find parking at a museum, normally you don’t look for art in its parking garage. But at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, Kenny Scharf has created whimsical spray painted murals in its parking structure. Bright green, purple and blue futuristic looking characters sprawl across the walls encouraging you to park next to something that catches your eye.

img_6779Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004


Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004


Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004


Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004

Pasadena Art Walk

IMG_6814.JPGGlobal Angel // Collet Miller // Wings Project

On October 22 the11th annual Pasadena Art Walk took place in the Playhouse District of Pasadena. Over 70 artists showcased their works. Maps were distributed pointing the way to innovative works by local artist. The Art Walk is proving to be one of the must see events in Pasadena.

aaaaaaaaBetween Violet and Green // Megan Mueller & Samuel Scharf // 2016 // latex paint on solar lights