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IMG_9529.jpgSkerts // Laleh Khorramian

Three brilliantly colored flowing cloaks were recently on view in tANJA gRUNERT in NYC. Created for this exhibition, these dyed fabrics are part of a new body of work where Khorramian explores fabrics and clothing design. The flowing nature of these robes resemble traditional Chinese robes blended with modern pigments and abstract forms.

IMG_9530Skerts // Laleh Khorramian

Mourning Flags

IMG_9525Mourning Flag 3 // Paul Jacobsen // charcoal on paper with charred frame // 2017

In a time of uncertainty, where women, the LGBTQ community and civil liberties are being questioned, artist Paul Jacobsen has created a series of works to express his emotional response to these issues. Titled “Mourning Flags,” Jacobsen used charcoal to draw abstract representations of flags in various positions to address the current state of events. The pieces encourage onlookers to stop, reflect, or in Jacobsen’s case, mourn.

IMG_9526Mourning Flag 2 // Paul Jacobsen // charcoal on paper with charred frame // 2017

Emergency Eyewash

IMG_9528.jpgSiv Stødal

Walking into the Conceptual art show, “Emergency Eyewash,” I was shocked when one of the pieces started moving. I had mistakenly assumed that the two figures standing in the first room were statues. As I began to move, so did one of the figures. Dressed in a green uniform of a park ranger with a beekeeper hat, the man walked the space of the room the whole time I explored the exhibition. We didn’t speak, but we were aware of each other’s movements. This performance work was juxtaposed with two dimensional pieces in which poetic phrases were stenciled on the paper in various colors. Designed by Carol Szymanski and Barry Schwabsky, this exhibition at tANJA gRUNERT explores the relationship between language and poetry through the works of poets ant artists.

IMG_9522Lisa Blas


Lisa Blas


Lisa Blas


Judith Goldman