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The Whole World + The Work = The World

img_2860-1Work No. 232 the whole world + the work = the whole world // 2000 // Martin Creed // Neon lights and metal

I much prefer art to math. But I have never thought about combining art and math. But Martin Creed did. In “Work No. 232 the whole world + the work = the whole world,” Creed created an equation in neon letters. The piece, which is currently installed in Tate Modern, expresses the vast, yet inclusive nature of art. There is not necessarily one interpretation of a work of art, granting individuals to power to think of their own unique perspective.


fullsizerender-18Behold // Sheela Gowda // 2009

Behold, a work of art comprised of 4,000 kilometers of human hair and metal car bumpers. Titled Behold by Sheela Gowda, this work fills one room in Tate Modern. Inspired by the practice in India of tying hair on a car bumper to keep away bad luck, Gowda’s installation harks back to this tradition.



Georgia O’Keeffe

FullSizeRender-135.jpgFlowers. Skulls. Landscapes. Sounds like the work of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Known for her blooming flower paintings and the brilliant colors depicting the New Mexico landscape where she lived, O’Keeffe is known around the world. A retrospective of O’Keeffe is currently on view at Tate Modern until October 30.

Industrial Painting

Industrial Painting // Pinot Gallizio // Monoprinted oil & acrylic paint & typographic ink on canvas // 1958

Rolling down again and again, this canvas swirls with vivid colors of paint. Created by Pinot Gallizio this work titled Industrial Painting is on view at Tate Modern. Gallizio was interested in various manufacturing techniques and was inspired by mechanical rollers. Originally, the rolled canvas was unwound, cut into pieces, and sold to willing buyers. Would you buy a square of this work?


FullSizeRender-113Untitled (Ghardaïa) 2009 // Kader Attia // Cooked couscous on wooden table and digital prints on paper

Hmm. What type of model is this? Is it made out of sand? No. Oh my goodness it is made out of cooked couscous! An edible work of art except you can’t eat it. Artist Kader Attia uses couscous to create a model of the city Ghardaïa in Algeria as couscous is one of the main foods in this North African city.

Mona Hatoum

FullSizeRender-108In her current exhibition at Tate Modern, Mona Hatoum’s practice explores her interest in political unrest. Her large scale installations include light bulbs, electricity, barbed wire and cages providing for a unique approach to political art. Coupled with the large scale installations many of her performance pieces are documented on the adjacent walls. One of my favorites; the one on the poster. Titled Hot Spot III 2009, this work is a giant globe. The countries are outlined in neon red lights and flicker, highlighting the world as a “hot spot” for political discord.

ARTIST ROOMS: Louise Bourgeois

FullSizeRender-36The first Artist Room in the brand new Switch House at Tate Modern is dedicated to Louise Bourgeois. Known for works exploring themes of life, death and family relationships, her pieces are created out of a variety of materials including latex and fabric. Currently on view in the Artist Rooms at Tate are hanging legs and body parts, spiders and her famous Filette.

FullSizeRender-17Spider 1 // Louise Bourgeois // 1995 // bronze, dark & polished patina, wall piece


 Cell XIV (Portrait) 2000 // Louise Bourgeois // 2000 // steel, glass, wood, metal & red fabric


 Fillette (Sweeter Version) // Louise Bourgeois // 1968-1999, cast 2001 // latex over plaster

FullSizeRender-19Legs // Louise Bourgeois // 2001 // red fabric, hanging piece

Active Sculpture

FullSizeRender-21BMW Tate Live: Alexandra Pirici and Manuel Pelmus

Why are people lying on the floor? That was my immediate reaction when I saw a group of people lying on the floor of The Switch House at the new Tate Modern. People were walking around them, over them and just staring at them. I eventually discovered this was a performance piece by Alexandra Pirici and Manuel Pelmus, part of the BMW Tate Live Project. The project consists of five performers who act out works from Tate’s Collection. When the performers laid on the floor, they were acting out Doris Salcedo’s 2007 installation in Turbine Hall, Shibboleth I. When all of the performers stood in a line they represented Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe. To find out performance times check out the link below!




The Bridge

FullSizeRender-15.jpgThe Bridge (Choral Piece for Tate Modern) // Peter Liversidge // 18 June 2016 // Choir of 500

The hum

Bridge & Wobble

A chance to discover

Turbine Hall


I’m not an expert


Switch House / Boiler House

What do we know

500 bricks


Society, The Individual, Media, Materials

I don’t think you have it made

The future

The building

The hum

This is list of songs created by artist Peter Liversidge for the opening of the new building, The Switch House, at Tate Modern. The songs describe Tate’s building, its collection and the changes that will occur with the new building addition. A choir of 500 stood in the center of Turbine Hall  singing these sixteen songs. This thirty minute performance piece was conducted and arranged by Esmeralda Conde Ruiz.

The Switch House

FullSizeRender-31Tate Modern’s newest building, The Switch House, officially opened to the public last weekend! Designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron, the new building connects to the original, The Power Station. A tall bridge over Turbine Hall connects the two buildings. The Switch House strives to showcase more female artists with a current display by Louise Bourgeois.