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Places to Be

IMG_9582.jpgBright, bold blocks of color radiate off the canvases by artist Steven Alexander. His solo show in The Curator Gallery in NYC, “Places to Be,” showcased his vibrant pieces which are painted in an effort to transport the viewer to different places times invoking a change in the viewer’s feelings.

IMG_9592.jpgVoice 4 // Steven Alexander // acrylic on canvas // 2016 // 72 x 48 in


Tracer 10 // Steven Alexander // acrylic on canvas // 42 x 60 in


Four Winds 10 // Steven Alexander // acrylic on canvas // 2016 // 42 x 36 in

Artists of the Year

IMG_9587.jpgMP #1 & 2 // Sonjie Feliciano Solomon // acrylic on wood panel // 2016 // 10 x 22 in each

Recently exhibited at The Curator Gallery was a group show celebrating “Artists of the Year.” The five artists selected were Clint Fulkerson, Gay Gaddis, Sonjie Feliciano Solomon, Ken Kiratsuka and Kacper Kowalski. Despite having unique art practices, each artist appears to be influenced by the natural world— paragliding in the sky (Kowalski), the natural beauty of Texas (Gaddis) or creating art on the sidewalk (Kiratsuka), these artists deserve the accolade “Artists of the Year.”

IMG_9590Untitled Small Ball (Top Left), Untitled Small Ball (Bottom), Untitled Small Ball (Top Right) // Ken Kiratsuka // gray marble // 2013 // 9 x 5 in


Gay Gaddis


Kacper Kowalski


Clint Fulkerson