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Wall Drawing #370

IMG_3889.JPGWall Drawing #370: Ten Geometric Figures (including right triangle, cross, X, diamond) with three-inch parallel bands of lines in two directions // Sol Lewitt // first installation, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, March 1982 // India ink

Black and white geometric figures sprawl across one wall in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Conceptual artist Sol Lewitt designed “Wall Drawing #370,” however it was installed by Modern Circle. This is no ordinary work that is hung on the wall. In this piece, Modern Circle used Lewitt’s plan to paint the ten geometric figures directly onto the museum wall.


Manus x Machina

fullsizerwdf-ender-53Wedding Ensemble // House of Chanel // Karl Lagerfeld // Autumn/Winter 2014-2015, haute-couture

Who doesn’t enjoy admiring lavish costumes and dresses? Recently on view at the Met is the fashion exhibition “Manus x Machina” which addressed the difference and balance between haute couture and ready made attire or prête-à-porter. Dresses by Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Chanel were exhibited next to dresses made by 3D printers. These are my favorite from the exhibition? Would you wear any of them?

fullsizesrender-36Dress // Iris van Herpen // Autumn/Winter 2011-2012, prêt-à-porter // 3-D-printed (selective laser sintering) white polyamide by Materialize


Wedding Ensemble // Yves Saint Laurent // Spring/Summer 1999, prête-à-porter // bridal wreath, bracelet, and anklet: handmade pink and gold silk flowers and leaves by Lemaire, train: machine sewn pink silk gazer


Rhythm Pleats // Miyake Design Studio // Issey Miyake // Spring/Summer 1990, prêt-à-porter // machine-garment-pleated, machine-sewn yellow & red-purple polyester-linen plain weave


 (L) One Hundred and eleven Mechanical Dress // Hussein Chalayan // Spring/Summer 2007, prête-à-porter, machine-sewn gray silk organza bodice, machine-sewn gray cotton-synthetic sateen tabs; aluminum plaques with hand-glued Swarovski crystals; machine-molded plastic understructure, machine-sewn boned foundation threaded with monofilament wire, pulleys, and electronically controlled, geared motor components (R)Dress // Paco Rabanne // 1967, haute couture // Machine-cut silver aluminum, hand-punched-and-linked with silver metal jump rings


Ensemble // Alexander McQueen // Sarah Burton // Autumn/Winter 2012-2013, prête-à-porter // laser-cut white money skin bonded to black leather, machine-sewn and hand finished with Mongolian wool

Transitional Objects (PsychoBarn)

IMG_4529.jpgTransitional Objects (PsychoBarn) // Cornelia Parker // 2016

A building on a building? On top of the Met stands a house created by British artist Cornelia Parker. This eery looking house was inspired by mixing the classic American Dutch red barn with the iconic house from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, 1960. To build this piece Parker worked with a company who professionally deconstructs barns and she re-used the materials to erect Transitional Objects (PsychoBarn). While from the front it appears as though you can simply walk up the stairs and knock on the door, you can’t. Not because it’s a work of art, but because there is no inside. Playing on the idea of set design, Parker created only the façade. The front and the side are two separate pieces which are placed side by side to create the illusion of a complete house. Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself! Transitional Objects (PsychoBarn) is on view on the Met roof until October.