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Painters’ Paintings

fullsizerender-15Recently on view at the National Gallery in London was the exhibition Painters’ Paintings. Rather than showing works centered around a particular theme, this show explored works of art collected by famous painters such as Van Dyck, Degas, Matisse and Freud. Seeing what works Degas chose to collect provided a unique insight as to what the artist thought was important to acquire.


Palmyra’s Arch

FullSizeRender-3Last year the Arch of Palmyra was destroyed in Syria. This year, a team from The Institute of Digital Archaeology decided to recreate this historic object. Whilst obviously it can not replace the original, this Arch was designed using state of the art technology, 3D printers and scanners  and then built in Italy using local marble resulting in an almost perfect replica. Visitors are encouraged to gently touch and walk through the work. After sitting in Trafalgar Square in London for three days, the arch went to Dubai, UAE and will later go to NYC, NY.


IMG_6987If the roaring lion on the poster isn’t enough for you to visit the National Gallery’s newest exhibition, the wealth of works inside should surely entice you. Delacroix and the Rise to Modern Art shows the evolution of artists such as Renoir, Van Gogh, Matisse and Kandinsky who were influenced by Delacroix’s use of color and spacial composition.


FullSizeRender-22Street artist Andy

Oh Paddington! Are you on another one of your London adventures?! Paddington, an iconic character from children’s books, has become a household name. Equipped with his blue coat, red hat, and note fastened to his coat that reads “Please look after this bear,” Paddington appears to be climbing towards his next journey. Will it be in Trafalgar Square where  street artist Andy so carefully rendered this detailed chalk art?

Drawing in the Streets

IMG_4484Natalia // Charcoal

Walking through Trafalgar Square you are bound to find extraordinary works of street art. Every time I visit I am amazed by what I see drawn out of chalk. However, this past time I was astounded to learn that this detailed portrait was created out of charcoal. The subtle tones and highlights of the man’s hand and face show this artist’s true skill in this artistic media.


IMG_4456This past weekend London was illuminated by neon lights. Various contemporary artists created works of art in brightly colored lights from a flower garden, to a stomping elephant to colossal fish swimming in the sky. The light installations were set up in in London’s most iconic locations such as Piccadilly Circus, Kings Cross and of course Westminster Abbey. Streets were closed to allow people to walk and experience the art together. Lumiere London certainly brightened my weekend.

IMG_4469The Light of the Spirit // Patrice Warrener // Westminster Abbey


Les Luminéoles // Porté par le vent // Piccadilly Circus


Les Luminéoles // Porté par le vent // Piccadilly Circus


Garden of Light // TILT // Leicester Square


Elephantastic // Top’là Design // Catherine Garret // Regent Street


Neon Dogs // Deepa Mann-Kler // The Strand


195 Piccadilly // NOVAK // Piccadilly


195 Piccadilly // NOVAK // Piccadilly

Screaming Chalk

IMG_2786Freddy, a new chalk artist, drew this masterpiece outside of the National Gallery in London. A screaming woman is shown in black and white with the caption in red stating: “I dream of a world where terror is only in the movies.” Art serves as a powerful tool to express feelings in a time of despair and distress. Thoughts go out to everyone affected by terror.

Gift Horse

FullSizeRender-1Gift Horse // Hans Haacke // bronze // March 2015

The Fourth Plinth is located in Trafalgar Square London. A space reserved for contemporary artists, currently a skeleton of a horse stands high on the plinth with a bow around its neck designed by artist Hans Haacke. The bow is electronic, displaying a live feed of the London Stock Exchange’s 100 largest companies. The horse will be strutting on the plinth until the end of the year. Next up for the plinth, David Shringley.


Pointing to You

FullSizeRender-19Rivelino // You // Cast bronze painted in white // 2015

This year has been dedicated to further strengthening cultural awareness between Mexico and the United Kingdom. While Mexico is celebrating the Year of the UK, the UK is celebrating the Year of Mexico. A striking sculpture of two enormous white fingers pointing at each other was created by contemporary Mexican artist Rivelino for the Year of Mexico and is located in Trafalgar Square. You are encouraged to stand between the pointing fingers, forcing you to think more critically about equality. After all, the fingers are pointing at you, so you must decide what you are going to do to make a difference.

Feeling creative? Strike a pose, selfie style, with the fingers and upload it on the Lodgeo app to win a trip for two to Mexico!