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Subterranean Blues


Paris, La Defense 2015 // C-type photograph

Located beneath Mark Hix’s restaurant Tramshed is the CNB Gallery. The current display showcases photographs by British artist Peter Newman. These are no ordinary photographs. Taken from a low vantage point, looking upwards, Newman captures cities in Hong Kong, France, the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom in a different yet playful perspective. These works are all for sale and will be hanging in this space until February 14th.


Redwood Forest, California, 2008 // C-type photograph

Chicken & Steak

FullSizeRender-20I never dreamed I would be eating a chicken and steak dinner while staring  at a chicken on top of a cow in a formaldehyde tank. But, at Tramshed owned by Mark Hix, the chicken and cow stand tall in the middle of the restaurant. A piece by Damien Hirst, this work of art reflects the food served. What an interesting way to pair food and art, don’t you think?

Untamed Company

FullSizeRender-11   Untamed Company // Eve Spencer // “Magic, like genius, has a touch of madness”

Located in the basement of Mark Hix’s restaurant Tramshed is the art gallery Cock N Bull. The current show, Untamed Company by artist Eve Spencer, explores nature through a grouping of hanging tapestries, paintings and installations. This experimental gallery space makes a visit to a restaurant famed for its Damien Hirst’s Cow and Chicken commission an interesting experience in art.  IMG_2118IMG_0206