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Dot to Dot

FullSizeRender-2On Target // Rian Hughes // Dot Artwork #14

The new pop up art gallery in Covent Garden is right on the dot. Quite literally actually. The Digital Dot Room, an advocator for a London online domain and proponent of the digital arts, currently has an exhibition titled Dot to Dot. The gallery features twenty designed works of art all in the shape of a circle. In the back of the gallery you can see a video of these dots and the story they are intended to tell. These were my favorite dots. Which one is your favorite?


FullSizeRender-3The Eyecon // Bert Gilbert // Dot Artwork #01

FullSizeRender 2

Happy Dot // Stuart Semple // Dot Artwork #17


Volcano’s Babe // Trinity Tristan // Dot Artwork #18