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The Bridge

FullSizeRender-15.jpgThe Bridge (Choral Piece for Tate Modern) // Peter Liversidge // 18 June 2016 // Choir of 500

The hum

Bridge & Wobble

A chance to discover

Turbine Hall


I’m not an expert


Switch House / Boiler House

What do we know

500 bricks


Society, The Individual, Media, Materials

I don’t think you have it made

The future

The building

The hum

This is list of songs created by artist Peter Liversidge for the opening of the new building, The Switch House, at Tate Modern. The songs describe Tate’s building, its collection and the changes that will occur with the new building addition. A choir of 500 stood in the center of Turbine Hall  singing these sixteen songs. This thirty minute performance piece was conducted and arranged by Esmeralda Conde Ruiz.

Empty Lot


It is always exciting to see what piece of art is installed at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. Currently on display are numerous triangular planter boxes titled Empty Lot by Abraham Cruzvillegas. These planter boxes are filled with soil collected from parks around London. Water and light are provided. Nothing was planted in these planter boxes raising the question will anything grow? It provides for an intriguing artistic piece that may or may not change over the course of its time in Turbine Hall. Follow this blog and I will let you know if anything grows!