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Giovanni Anselmo

IMG_9570A simplistic room illuminated by spotlights, projectors and natural light…it must be an Arte Povera artist. At the Castello de Rivoli artist Giovanni Anselmo has an exhibition where he displays a range of works including photographs, projectors that display the word “particolare” and a mound of dirt where you as a visitor are invited to stand on one of the stone viewing platforms. Anselmo brings into question the real and the imagined space in his display of these works in the historical setting of the Castello di Rivoli.



The End

IMG_9257The End — Rocky Mountains // Ragnar Kjartansson // 5 channel video installation, 30’ // 2009

Before entering the room, the sound of what seems a familiar folk song echoes in the hallway.  Inside the room are five large projections of beautiful Rocky Mountains landscapes.  The Icelandic artist, Ragnar Kjartansson, and his friend are shown playing  guitars or pianos in various locations in the snowy mountains.  Sometimes, only one person is playing music while the other walks back in forth trying to keep warm. The harmony mixed with the image of the pristine white mountains provide for an intimate viewing experience.




IMG_9282A key member of the Arte Povera Movement, Italian artist Mario Merz is known for his igloos, bunches of branches and the fibonacci formula executed in neon lights. In the Merz Foundation two of his branch works are displayed, one outside and one inside. Mertz tied these twigs together in order to showcase organic life and encourage people to look at everyday objects in a new light.


Castello di Rivoli

IMG_9524Grand Suite // Jan Vercruysse // painted wood frames, red velvet chaise lounge // 1986

Located on the top of a hill in Turin, Italy sits the Castello di Rivoli. From the 1300s to the 1800s the Savoy family owned this castle. After their rule, it became a part of the city of Turin. It wasn’t until 1980s that the castle became what we know it today, as the Castello di Rivoli Museuo d’Arte Contemporanea. This contemporary art museum is a far cry from the traditional contemporary museums which take on the form of a white cube. At the Castello di Rivoli, the contemporary works sit inside the painted and ornately decorated walls and ceilings, remnants of its past life as a castle. Here you can see a stuffed horse suspended from a detailed white coffered ceiling and a brightly embroidered canvas hanging above an historic fresco.

IMG_9495Everything // Alighieri Boetti // Canvas, embroidery in colored cottons // 1987-1988


Architecture of the Mirror // Michelangelo Pistoletto // Gilded wood, mirrors // 1990 // 4 elements, 380 x 200 cm each


Novecento // Maurizio Cattelan // Taxidermized horse, leather saddlery, rope, pulley // 1997 // 201.2 x 271 x 68.6 cm


Venus of the Rags // Michelangelo Pistoletto // Reproduction of Venus in cement covered in mica, rags //1967


Time-Based Architecture — Time—Debased Architecture // Mario Merz // Iron tubes, painted glass, clamps, stones, acrylic on canvas, neon, twigs // 1981 // 300 x 1400 x 400 cm


Seeing Reading [cobalt blue] // Joseph Kosuth // Neon tubes // 1979 // 12 x 710 cm


IMG_9269Walking down the long white corridor in the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin, Italy it is hard not to miss the large locks mounted on the wall. These locks are broken and their sides are opened allowing you to see the interior mechanics. These larger than life objects are not real locks. Unlike the ready made artists such as Duchamp, Dutch artist Magali Reus uses other materials to create objects that look like everyday, mundane objects such as locks, dishes and hangers. Clever? You tell me.



Society, you’re a crazy breed

IMG_9285Botto&Bruno’s exhibition Society, you’re a crazy breed, in Turin’s Merz Foundation is one large trompe l’oeil. The walls and floors are covered in scenes of society’s perils. Crumbling buildings, piles of trash, abandoned play grounds scatter the deserted landscape. Visitors are invited to walk inside the cinema and watch a movie. However, this is no ordinary movie or video art. These short films are shot through the perspective of children and their interactions with nature, whether that be a falcon or a stray dog. This installation provides a social commentary for the destruction of our planet, and warrants a call to action.






IMG_9545Eight Ceilings // Nedko Solakov // Black ink on the Museum staircase’s ceilings // 2013

Infinity. Velocity. Ethics. Nature. These are the four themed sections that make up the collection in GAM, the Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna in Turin, Italy. Taking the stairs up to the gallery. I noticed a drawing of a little figure that said “don’t miss the doodles…” It became a game trying to find the doodles drawn on the ceiling and walls of the staircase. At the top of the stairs, I decided to enter Infinity. These were two of my favorite pieces from the Infinity room.

IMG_9554 Altus Aurea della Setta del 7 S.o.S.Petti // Luigi Ontani // Mixed media // 2011-2013


Portrait Relief of Claude Pascal // Yves Klein // Blue monochrome & pigment on synthetic resin on bronze, gold leaf on panel // 1962