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399 Days

FullSizeRender 2399 Days // Rachel Kneebone // 2014 // Porcelain

In a room of historical sculptures in the V&A,  one seems to not quite fit in. Well, that is because it was made in 2014 by British artist Rachel Kneebone. This towering porcelain structure is composed of intricately carved figures. The depth Kneebone was able to achieve in her carvings allows light to penetrate through, illuminating the figures’ movement. The placement of this work in a gallery of Renaissance sculptures provides for a unique juxtaposition of 16th century and 21st century sculptures. 

FullSizeRender 3399 Days // Rachel Kneebone // 2014 // Porcelain

FullSizeRender399 Days // Rachel Kneebone // 2014 // Porcelain

Exhibition Road Quarter

FullSizeRender 7Exhibition Road Quarter // Amanda Levete Architects (AL_A)

The latest architectural project at the V&A museum in London was the opening of a new entrance on Exhibition Road. Created out of porcelain tile, this entrance leads to a large courtyard where people can mingle, sit for a cup of tea or walk directly to the temporary exhibitions. The use of porcelain in the design is a tribute to the V&A’s immense 19th century ceramic collection, but in a fresh and modern look. 


FullSizeRender 5

Shaping Fashion

FullSizeRender 13

Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga is known for his exquisite and elaborate fashion creations. From hats, to evening gowns to capes, Balenciaga has created quite a legacy in the fashion world. The V&A took the opportunity to showcase his pieces in an exhibition titled “Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion.” The bottom floor exhibited Balenciaga’s designs on mannequins whilst the top floor showcased articles of clothing by other designers who were influenced by him.

FullSizeRender 21(L) Regional Dress // Evening Dress // Silk organza with embroidery by Lesage // Cristóbel Balenciaga // Paris // 1960 (R) Flamenco Dancing // Evening Dress // Silk gazar // Cristóbel Balenciaga // Paris // 1962 

FullSizeRender 19

FullSizeRender 16Cream Spiral Hat // Silk // Cristóbal Balenciaga (Eisa Iabel) // Spain // 1962

FullSizeRender 9Cape or Skirt? 

FullSizeRender 6

FullSizeRender 25Dress // Hussein Chalyan // laser cut tulle // designed 2006, made 2011


IMG_4782.jpegThings are certainly heating up at the V&A this summer — bras, thongs and boxers. Despite being your “intimates,” they are all on view at the V&A in the exhibition Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear. Journey through the evolution of underwear as you discover wool corsets, wedding night attire and contemporary lingerie by designers like Stella McCartney. This exhibition will certainly make you think twice about what is under your clothes.


IMG_2739Swarm Study III // rAndom International (S. Wood, F. Ortkrass & H. Koch) & Carpenters Workshop Gallery // LEDs, polished brass rods, custom computer software & hardware // 2011

I never expected to experience an LED light show as I walked down the stairs at the V&A Museum. As you move, the blueish purplish lights illuminate and move with you. The light installation over the stairway is triggered by movement. If you pick up speed, the lights flash more quickly. What a way to brighten your museum experience than to be a part of a museum installation

When Soak Becomes Spill

FullSizeRender-6When Soak Becomes Spill // Subodh Gupta // Stainless Steel // 2015 // V&A

Smack in the middle of Exhibition Road, outside of the V&A Museum in London, sits a metallic, monumental sculpture. The sculpture consists of one large bucket with what appears to be hundreds of smaller items pouring out over the top. These elements are a conglomeration of pots and pans of varying sizes. Created by contemporary Indian artist Subodh Gupta, this sculpture toys with the world’s desire for consumer goods. But at what cost?

Fabric of India

FullSizeRender-5The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is celebrating India in an event called the India Festival. The main exhibition, The Fabric of India, is part of this jubilee and is on view until January 10. The show details the elaborate processes of creating Indian textiles such as dying, looming and wood block printing as well as its products including courtly garments, religious textiles and contemporary sari’s. The Festival of India includes curator talks, Indian storytelling, jewelry design and a jazz performance. For a full list of activities visit http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/v/v-and-a-india-festival-events/

Pleasure & Pain


If you like high heels then strut on down to the Victoria & Albert Museum to see their exhibition Shoes Pleasure & Pain [which is on view now until January 31]. This exhibit parades you through the history, the pleasures and the pains of wearing high heels. See heels from ancient Egypt, Cinderella’s Glass Slipper and stilettos made from a 3D printer. If you visit be sure to take a #Shoefie!

Interested in the history of the most influential shoes? Check out this virtual timeline made for the exhibition!  http://www.vam.ac.uk/shoestimeline/