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Newport Street Gallery

FullSizeRender-23What will Damien Hirst do next? This is always a good question. I don’t have a clue but if it is as exciting as his current project I can’t wait to see it. His most recent project is the Newport Street Gallery, which opened just last month. Hirst converted Victorian buildings in Vauxhall, London into a white cube shaped art gallery. He will use the space to exhibit his own 3,000 piece art collection. The current show, John Hoyland Paintings 1964-1982, consists of highly saturated brightly colored canvases devoid of any figures. It is worth a visit.

IMG_260729.12.66 // John Hoyland // Acrylic on canvas




Pop Up Garden

FullSizeRender-22In Vauxhall, London surrounded by brick buildings sits an interesting looking garden. White and black stones are arranged in interlocking patterns with plants resting inside. Designed by Rosie Irving and sponsored by Vauxhall One, the planters in this garden are inspired by the famed British sculptor Barbara Hepworth. These sculptured planter boxes were designed to be a part of the Tate Modern Barbara Hepworth Retrospective in June and has now popped up in Vauxhall.