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IMG_3553.JPGSeries 2 of LIFE WTR has hit the supermarkets just in time for some hot summer weather. Series 2, Women in Art, showcases the work of three female artists: Lynnie Z, Adrienne Gaither and Trudy Benson. Lynnie Z, who lives in London, used red, blue, yellow and black to depict simplified female faces demonstrating her artistic skill as an illustrator (right). DC artist Adrienne Gaither’s creation covers the bottle with bold colors and shapes (left) while NYC artist Trudy Benson’s interest in technology is evident in her design which includes overlapping blocks of color (middle). If you are interested in learning more about the artists, their practice and their exhibitions visit the LIFE WTR website here: https://www.lifewtr.com/series/series-2/



A new type of canvas has arrived: water bottles. LIFE WTR has decided to use its bottle as a blank canvas for artists. Every three months new artists will have the chance to design a label for the bottle. The first group of artists’ creations have hit the supermarket shelves. The three artists are Jason Woodside, MOMO and Craig & Karl. Jason Woodside’s bottle evokes the feeling of lakes, oceans and water in varying shades of blue [bottle on the far left]. MOMO’s label reflects the bold murals he creates [bottles on the far right]. Craig & Karl’s bottle shows a geometric hand making the “OK” sign reinforcing it is good to drink more water [bottle in the middle]. Become #MoreInspired with your Craig & Karl’s “OK” bottle by taking selfies with the water bottle and posting them on social media, a collaboration titled Craig & Karl x You. Be sure to look out for the next three artists sometime in early summer!