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Untitled (America)

IMG_4347.jpgUntitled (America) // Felix Gonzalez-Torres // 1994 // twelve light strings, each with forty-two 15-watt lightbulbs and rubber sockets

Cascading down the staircase at The Whitney are strands of glowing lightbulbs. The utilization of lightbulbs is a signature medium for artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres. After his partner Ross Laycock died of AIDS in 1991, Gonzalez-Torres created this work, and many others, as a metaphor for life. As the lightbulbs burn, they will eventually die. But not all at once. One might burn out, then months later another. Just as you notice the lightbulbs burning out, you might notice people in your life passing away. The lightbulbs symbolize life and eventual death.

IMG_4300Untitled (America) // Felix Gonzalez-Torres // 1994 // twelve light strings, each with forty-two 15-watt lightbulbs and rubber sockets


Excellences & Perfections

IMG_6353Excellences & Perfections // Amalia Ulman // Photograph by Emily Riddle

Instagram as a work of art? That is precisely what artist Amalia Ulman just did. Ulman began a series of Instagram posts titled Excellences & Perfections where she posed as a stereotypical LA girl shopping, taking selfies, getting plastic surgery and being completely self-centered. The only thing, no one realized this was a work of art. Her fans had no clue. 175 photos later, Amalia explained that this was an Instagram piece. Everything she did was an act. She did not undergo plastic surgery nor was she transformed into a “bimbo.” Her instagrams have now become enlarged and are currently being shown at Tate Modern’s Performing for the Camera and Whitechapel Gallery’s Electronic Superhighway. These two are from the Whitechapel show.

Tree of Life

FullSizeRender-15Tree of Life // Rachel Whiteread // 2012

When entering a building, it is often easy to not pay attention to the space above the main doorway. But, when you enter Whitechapel Gallery in London, be sure to look up! Covering the façade of the gallery are intricately designed gold leaves. This work was created by British sculptor Rachel Whitbread and became her first permanent installation in the UK.

Social Sculpture

FullSizeRender-16Social Sculpture // Annie Ratti // Bent plywood, metal, fabric // Tête à Tête (You and Me) //1999/2014

In an age where most people spend their time in front of a computer screen or smart phone, in-person, social interaction seems to be a luxury. In Social Sculpture, Annie Ratti has created an intimate seating space. Two small red cushions are surrounded by a tall oval made of wood.  When two people sit in the space their knees are supposed to touch. You and the other person share the cozy space, allowing the work to act as a social sculpture.

Electronic Superhighway

IMG_5060Internet Dream // Nam June Paik // 52 monitors // 1994

If you are the type of person who likes to go to art exhibitions to escape from the world of technology, then Electronic Superhighway at Whitechapel Gallery is not the exhibition for you. However, if you are fascinated by the influence of technology in art then you will find this show electrifying. Television screens, cords and computers cover the walls and floors. There are flashing lights, stacked television sets and electronic illusions, not to mention multiple rooms to sit and watch films.

FullSizeRender-9Text Butt // Olaf Breuning // Wallpaper on MDF panel // 2015


Jennifer in Paradise, Liquify WhiteChapel // Constant Dullart // Custom Wallpaper // 2015 // Glowing Edges_7.10 // Constant Dullart // Lenticular print, framed // 2014 // Plastic Wrap_20.15.15 // Lenticular print, framed // 2014


New Age Demanded (Future Angel Racer) // Jon Rafman // 3-D photopolymer resin & gray-to-black color-shifting, acrylic, mirrored plinth // 2014


Loading // Aristarkh Chernyshev // Custom LED panel // 2007


Corona // Peter Sedgely // PVA & pigment on canvas with kinetic lights // 1970